FUN LITTLE MOVIES: We are one of the world’s top comedic Advertainment producers of videos for the web and TV. We’ve won over 30 awards for our work and been lauded on the front pages of Forbes Magazine, the LA Times, and in the Wall St. Journal, NY Times, CNN, USA Today, etc.

We’ve made videos and video series for numerous brands. Most recently, here’s a series we created for Kingston Technologies to promote their new wireless data drive. It’s at about 160,000 views per episode right now. Here’s the newest video from eVite to promote their new Paper eVites it’s a must-see on their Facebook page with 100,00+ Likes. Before that, we did Radio Shack’s commercials for the Christmas 2012 release of their new over-the-top TV box.

We also make animated videos. Here’s what we did to promote the video game CakeMania, where we created a back-story for the game’s main character. Plus, here’s what we did for the Planet Green TV channel to promote their channel and green living to kids and adults.

Besides that, you can check out our campaigns / endorsements from Petco, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. In fact we have the #1 most-watched series on the YouTube-funded, family-friendly channel AlrightTV. Here’s a 1-minute promo. And we’re currently producing series for Intel’s new Intel’s new Pocket Avatars app app and the childrens indoor playground franchise Jump and Jacks!